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TransferWise £50 Bonus


has given opportunity of 2 bonus programs So lets start with the easy one.

Registering by following link Click Here you will receive £500 fee-free money transfers allowance which means if you send money abroad you will pay no transfer fees and the currency exchange rates are at its highest. Don't miss out. ------------------------------------------ And then there is the 2nd bonus and i will call it rather a method of free £50 TransferWise offers £50 for everyone who joins their money transfer services.

But where is the catch you are asking? You need to get 3 referrals to join via your unique TransferWise generated link

and get them to do a £200 money transfer using TransferWise services. Complicated? Nope! Let me explain.

Lets say you have 3 siblings / friends. 1.You register them via your link on their behalf.

2.Now do a £200 transfer from 1st siblings account to yours

3.Take back the money and make transfer from 2nd siblings account to 1st siblings account

4.Take back money again and do a transfer from 3rd siblings account to 2nd siblings account

5.Take your money back and enjoy £50 free bonus 6.You can do this as many times as you want as long as you have siblings, friends or other people registered by your unique link (All transfers are fee-free as TransferWise gives £500 allowance)

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