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Top Websites Who Will Pay You For Registering or Referring Friends.

It's not a secret that now there is a huge market competition in any industry therefore
companies are willing to pay you first before you even start to use their services
in some cases companies will give away hundreds of thousands if not millions to attract potential customers.
Most of which are already successful businesses with a customer base well over 1 million users and counting.
We are listing the most up-to-date referral programs or register-to-earn programs where you can earn hundreds within
the first day. 

Grab a cuppa tea, sit back, relax and enjoy the following offers.



1. TransferGo - £15 free for each friend you invite

One of the most popular money transfer services in the world famous for its low-fee (£0.99) and currency
exchange rates beating any bank or major high street service. They guarantee the best rates possible.
By registering on TransferGo via referral link you automatically get entitled for £15 Bonus (which you can withdraw at any time)
 once you make the first money transfer of £50 or more using their services. The trick behind the £15 free bonus is
that you can simply transfer £50 to any of your household members (Son,Daughter,Husband,Wife, Father, Mother, Friend etc.)
So basically you keep those £50 plus you earn extra £15. Wait - but there is more. Why not to register your siblings as well?
You can do multiple transfers between you and earn more. E.G. if you have 4 household members you can easy make £60 within 15 minutes?
That's a great deal.


2. Giving Assistant - Saving you money every day + £5 when you sign up.

One of a kind money saving web-browser based extension that pays you. Giving Assistant will
get you coupon codes / promotional codes and cashback on every purchase you make online. Besides you will be helping their
campaign as the company provides major humanitarian help, help for leukaemia patients, Africa school programs, cancer patients
plus you will get a £5 bonus when signing up. This is one of the most generous companies and you don't have to pay a penny
as small amount of the money they will save you during your online purchases will be directed to specific fund raiser.
When it goes for savings + good deeds Giving Assistant is what we are here for.



3. Pockit - Free Bank Account and They will pay you £5

Bank, which pays you to be with them. You don't need to switch your bank account, you don't have to pay no joining fees
instead they will pay you to join their team. Get £5 when you register with Pockit. You will get a contact less MasterCard for free
with a nice looking banking app on your mobile device which is full with extras, saving tips and more. 
Extra bank account to manage your bills, payments, purchases or salary, why not?





4. Honey - Honey is an Web Browser Extension

which will save you money every day on every purchase you place online, starting with
5% cashback up to vouchers which will possibly cut £100's off the price. This is well advertised and known company
that collaborates with all major retailers and companies making sure you get the best deal possible. All vouchers and discounts / cashback
are automatically applied. Once extension is installed you wont even need to switch it back on as it will automatically pop-up saying
how much it will save you prior purchase or how much it saved you after purchase. Plus you get tokens "GOLD POINTS" which have
real cash value. Earn them and spend them for Amazon Gift cards and much much more



5. TransferWise - Free Money Transfers + £50

Another Money transfer service that gives you bonuses by joining their team. Once registered by this link you
will get ZERO-FEE transfer. That's right, ZERO FEE. You can send money abroad at the highest exchange rates and with not transfer fees
Isn't that great? While Money Shop will charge you £14.90 for a 5 minute money transfer at bad currency exchange rates then TransferWise
will not charge you at all, plus you will be given the best currency exchange rate possible. Also company is willing to pay you
£50 if you invite 3 friends to join their team and they will receive same bonuses. This is a no brainier. Must have!



6. Coinbase - $10 Free when you join this Cryptocurrency leader

When people hear "Bitcoin" they suddenly get sceptical and nervous as the main problem is that they don't know how does the blockchain work,
how it was created, and how it will look 10 years from now. Let me tell you that Bitcoin is the future of payment gateway as 10 years ago
when you could buy bitcoin it did cost $0.03 a piece when 10 years from then bitcoin is jumping between $6000-$8000 with a circulating supply of 18 million coins (21 million cap)
it will cost well over $50000 a piece in the next 4 years. Lets get right to the deal Coinbase is offering $10 to each person who joins crypto-community.
Once you register you need to deposit £100 in your Coinbase wallet and bonus will be automatically added to your account. If you do not wish to hold bitcoins
you can withdraw all the money to your bank account right away with the bonus included. $10 in 10 minutes, why not?


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